Well, hot damn — you find the most random things on the Internet. And sometimes you even find out you have a tiny connnection to a horrible event (or at least someone’s idea of faking a horrible event).


Tonight, I just happened to find myself browsing Snopes (I’ve been avoiding most Social Media this past week). I saw an article that contained a photo that looked similar to the ones I had been taking (and posting) on November 12. It was an article about an awful sign that may or may not have appeared at the Trump Hotel in DC that evening. Scroll down to the GIF comparing two of those signs — in one of them, you see my hat, which, at the time was on my head, as I stood there in front of the Old Post Office Pavillion. Oh and that’s my son’s hat to my left — the rainbow dyed ball cap.

I was there. Did I mention I was taking photos and video of the evenings protests. I can categorically state that while I was standing there, I did not see that sign — ever. And yet, there it is along with my hat-covered-head. As the Snopes article points out, it appears that the sign was Photoshopped in — of course it was — it’s obvious, but the fact remains that some asshat out there thought this’d be funny or “stir things up.”

It’s not anything but sad. Sad because this is what we’ve come to — we can’t be bothered to actually discuss or reasonably debate our way out of the mess we’re in. We’ll just pretend that someone would hold a sign up like that. Or that someone would fake a sign like that to further a narrative of animosity. And then we will spread those faked pictures around like they are some kind of truth.

It disgusts and saddens me.


Oh, and looking back at the video I posted of some of the evening’s sights and sounds, you can clearly see the black-gloved hands holding a sign that looks very very similar to the one in the faked photos — and you can see it’s of an entirely different sign — it says, “We love you. Join us.” Talk about perverting a message.

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