Hello, we are the BUTTON Wallet

BUTTON is a messenger based multi-currency wallet. Housed within Telegram Messenger, we are one of the easiest ways for quickly sending or holding crypto. We care about the usability and security of our user. We already have more than 80,000 users.

Try it for free: t.me/buttonwalletbot

BUTTON Team won Unblock Hackathon


BUTTON Wallet was developed by a team of hackers who are obsessed with blockchain technology. The BUTTON team has won more than 10 hackathons including ETH SanFrancisco and ETH Singapore. Currently, we are participants in the most recent cohort for the Silicon Valley incubator, ETC Labs. We are also graduates from MIT Play Labs and StartupBoost LA accelerators.

Why a BOT and not an APP?

BUTTON is not an app because we strongly believe in bot technology. We don’t need more apps on our phones. BUTTON Wallet is already pre-installed in Telegram messenger where 200m users and 90% of Cryptohollders exist. It’s easy to send transactions to peers using their Telegram username. For example one of the most popular article in app field named The End Is Near for Mobile Apps, where said lots of ending the app epoch and so popularity bots in WeChat messenger in China. BOTs are just easier.

ABOUT TON (Telegram Open Network) + BUTTON

BUTTON Wallet is P2P transactions service allowing users to send cryptocurrency using Telegram usernames. You don’t need to install anything except the Telegram app to use our wallet. So more than 200 mln users can use it instantly right now.

TON release will boost BUTTON growth because P2P crypto transactions will be more popular in Telegram after the release of TON. BUTTON Wallet is working to integrate Telegram Passport which is the KYC process that will allow us to increase the types of transactions we offer. TON cryptocurrency called Gram will be integrated into BUTTON Wallet.


Currently, we have 6 cryptocurrencies and about 800 ERC-20 Ethereum tokens. We are available in 11 languages.

Problems with existing wallets:

  1. You have to install external software.
  2. Only a few types of cryptocurrency available.
  3. In most cases, you must trust third-party with your money.

BUTTON solves all these issues:

  1. Wallet already pre-installed for all Telegram users.
  2. Currently, you can store and transfer BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, BCH, and all ERC20 Ethereum tokens without any external fees using BUTTON.
  3. We don’t store users private keys. All user’s private keys stored in the QR Code and encrypted by its password. If something went wrong you will get information from QR and decrypt cypher with your password.
QR Code with encrypted private keys

TRY BUTTON HERE: t.me/buttonwalletbot

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