Why we decided to invest $10,000 in one startup at a TRILLION dollar valuation.

Hey I was sent here by Josh from Social Change Nation, I would like to compete. I will go do three interviews and submit them tomorrow once I get confirmation that my problem and segment are along the lines of what you are looking for.

Problem/Hypothesis — Statistics show that people would like to shop from more sustainable stores, but the amount of people who purposefully shop at a sustainable stores does not come even close to the amount of people who say they want to. Why? My guess is that it is too much work to sort through all the information vs just going to Walmart. So the problem I am solving is How do you make it easy for people to shop sustainably.

Segment — In a super abstract sense my target market are people who are looking for something, who are not quite satisfied with the work/consume model of the American dream. I am looking for the people in the statistics that say they consider sustainability an important factor. I think that this is middle to upper class people, mostly young, although more just young/rebelious at heart. Also, new mothers and educated worldly elderly people. I think I can find these people while travelling, in temples, yoga studios, art stores, and self help blogs.

— I am a bit of an amateur entrepreneur so let me know if this is what you are looking for. Also, I looked the interview and at the bottom it says something like not mentioning the solution in the interview, what does that mean? Can I tell them about my website after the interview is over?

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