Concerned about High power green laser pointers

This comes after a father was told he could have put lives at risk when he shone a Class 4 Laser Pointer into the cockpit of a police helicopter.Marc Jermy, of Shorncliffe Avenue, pleaded guilty to shining a light at an aircraft in flight to dazzle the pilot in the early hours of September 5.

In mitigation defence solicitor James Burrows said Jermy suffered from paranoia and had been trying to direct the helicopter away from his home using the Safety Laser Pointer .He said: “Mr Jermy suffers quite tremendously from paranoia. He had been to see a doctor and didn’t feel he had been listened to. This led him to the suggestion he was being spied on by agencies.

“He directed the aircraft away from his home.”Jermy was identified by officers using on-board technology which shows them where Laser Pointer beam are coming from.Data from the CAA shows reported occurrences of people deliberately pointing lasers at aircraft are on the rise.

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While laser pens are useful and fun, they are all too often misused. This website has details about why you should never aim laser pointers at aircraft, as well as news, the latest statistics on aircraft incidents, a FAQ, a video from the FAA and Air Force, how to report incidents,laser safety glasses for pilots, and much more information.

A helicopter being deliberately targeted by a laser pointer. The light is a distraction and, if bright enough, can cause temporary flashblindness