Winter Car Seat Danger Solved For Parents By A Parent

The weather is colder and with it comes the yearly danger children face in the car seat — winter coats. News articles cover the danger daily with the same warning — no puffy coats in the car seat. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) car crashes are the leading cause of death in children ages 1 to 12 years old in the United States. and the car seat is essential to children’s safety in motor vehicles. In fact, correct use of an infant car seat prevents 71 percent of potential deaths in the first year of life.

This becomes problematic in the winter when puffy coats reduce the effectiveness of car seats significantly. The puffiness of the winter coat can add up to 4 inches of space between the harness and the child. The coat compresses during the crash creating slack which throws the child further forward dramatically increasing the risk of head, brain, and neck injuries or death. Both the NHTSA and The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend taking puffy coats off due to this danger but with cold weather and fussy children it can be difficult for parents to take the coat off every single time. In fact, the majority of parents continue to use oudated, dangerous coats in the car seat despite the danger.

A NH mother of three, Dahlia Rizk, felt that parents should not have to choose between car seat safety, comfort, and convenience. She designed and brought to market a creative solution called the Buckle Me Baby Coat. Buckle Me Baby Coats open along the side and shoulder seams allowing the entire front panel to be pulled aside so the harness can sit directly on the child’s shoulders and chest without any harmful fabric in the way. In designing the coats, Dahlia’s top priority was safety. She had the coats crash tested at an independant research facility where it performed similarly to no coat. She also consulted with CPSTS and first responders to ensure that the coat was safely designed and functional before bringing it to market.

“Easy to use, cute, warm, and doesn’t interfere with using your child’s seat properly.” -CPSTs at

With the coat that CBS news called “an ingenious coat that could save lives” and the CPSTs at Carseatblog called “ easy to use, cute, warm and doesn’t interfere with using your child’s seat properly” parents can now enjoy car rides that are free from struggling to take coats off and on again while keeping their kids warm and safely buckled.

Coats are manufactured in the United States, range from $89–$99 and can be found at