Top Activities to Do on a Kenya Budget Tour

Kenya is an incredible safari destination in East Africa that boasts a huge array of wonders and attractions. The beautiful East African country- Kenya is a classic African destination that lays a perfect platform to enjoy the most exciting activities to do on a safari trip. Brimming with striking landscapes and an abundance of diverse wildlife, Kenya helps every adventure enthusiasts and nature lover to have the utmost fun on a budget safari tour.

Here is the list of top activities to do on a budget tour to Kenya, please read on to find out some interesting and useful things!

1. Indulge in Adventurous Game Watching:

The World renowned for its wildlife wealth, Kenya is the best safari destination where you can enjoy adventurous game watching. On a game safari, you will get an opportunity to explore the top-rated national parks and wildlife reserves that are filled with endangered species and a diverse range of wildlife. At one of the most popular game park in Kenya- the Masai Mara Game Reserve, you will get a chance to witness the great wildebeest migration.

2. Go on a Bird Watching Trip:

In Kenya, over 1000 species of birds are believed to be recorded, which makes it the best place for bird lovers. As a bird watchers paradise, Kenya has some of the best locations like the deep western forest of Kakamega forest, the thick highland of the Masai Mara Game Reserve, the lowlands of the Lake Nakuru and Bogoria. For sure, you are going to experience the most exciting bird watching experiences on your budget tour in Kenya.

3. Enjoy Mountain Climbing:

Mount Kenya is one of the impressive and the tallest mountain in Kenya that is considered to be one of the most iconic attractions, which offers an exhilarating mountain climbing experience. There are several different routes which ensure a relatively easy hike to a challenging and adventurous climbing experience. Your Mount Kenya climbing will help you explore some of the incredible views and stunning geological formations and diverse vegetation. You can also visit the Mount Kenya National Park, which is a home to rare wildlife species like Water Buck, African Rhino, Monkeys, Baboons, Tree Hyrax and more.

4. Witness a Geological Wonder:

The Great Rift Valley is one of the most spectacular geological wonders that encompasses a wealth of Kenyan attractions. The rich geological phenomena of the Great Rift Valley will give you some photographic opportunities.

5. Explore the Beaches:

On a budget tour, you can enjoy a beach safari tour in Kenya to explore the pristine beaches of Mombasa, which is Kenya’s second lively city. The Mombasa is one of the best places in Kenya to have the utmost fun in the sun, as here there are many beautiful beaches to choose from. If you are a history buff, then you can explore the historical sites in Mombasa town like Gedi ruins and Fort Jesus.

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