How To Get Real Instagram Followers

Are you thinking how to get real Instagram followers why Instagram is so popular? The tremendous popularity of social media networking sites and applications like Instagram can be both a blessing and a curse when you are trying to build a reputation or base of followers. If you are building a professional Instagram page for a business, it can be difficult to attract followers to a page on an unoriginal topic or niche.

If your goal is to expand the number of followers of your personal or artistic Instagram page, you might find it difficult to increase your followers beyond your friendship circle and family members. There are a number of guidelines you can incorporate into your Instagram posting and viewing habits that can increase your number of real Instagram followers without resorting to dangerous, money wasting and fake third party companies.

Post and Engage Regularly

Posting content once a day makes your profile seem active, interesting and evolving. Instagram analytics have shown that regular content posting attracts a larger number of organic followers. Searching for people who use popular hashtags such as #likeforlike will often follow you back if you follow them. Moreover, if you are in a business niche or your Instagram photo has a conscious or unconscious theme, following people with similar content themes and engaging with their posts will likely increase your number of followers.

Use Cross Promotion

Using popular hashtags and advertising your Instagram presence on other social media networks is one of the most well-known methods of getting more followers on Instagram. If you own a website, it’s a great idea to share your Instagram posts and content on the website.

If you have online exposure to question and answer platforms or blog writing, don’t hesitate to advertise your Instagram page and profile. However, make sure you aren’t violating any terms and services agreements and that you conduct yourself in a well-mannered, friendly and non-robotic way.

Post at the Optimum Time

Analytical data and analysis on Instagram usage and engagement has illustrated that 2:00am and 5:00pm are the best times of the day to post content on Instagram as you will attract the highest number of viewers during a period where engagement is most likely. It is unclear what psychology or socio-economics make these times the most effective, however, research has found that the correlation is accurate.

Do Something Unique

It’s hard to stand out amongst the millions of other Instagram users. However, offering something to your followers and non-following observers can drastically increase your number of followers. Whether it’s a free PDF booklet on a topic of your choosing or stock photography, giving away something will often create interest within the Instagram world. Other unique things you can do to attract followers are asking interesting, contemporary questions underneath your photos to promote follower engagement.

Getting Buy Real Active Instagram Followers will require time and energy. However, posting regular content and engaging with other Instagram users doesn’t have to feel like an onerous task and you could even be entertained or educated by the content of other Instagram users. Try and embrace Instagram as both a tool and a valuable network to engage with other people around the world.

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