Urbanism in Patna:-The way forward

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Patna to become a world class city needs rapid urban development. Patna real estate will play a major role in urbanisation of Patna but before real estate Patna displays it full potential Patna requires basic playing field and they are:-

• Creating urban infrastructure especially in Patna

• Reforming governance for service delivery

• Providing access to universal service standards for all including the poor

• Consciously building rural-urban synergy

• Recognising importance of urban transport

• Integrating transport and land use planning

• Focusing on metropolitan planning

Service Standards to be set up in Patna

Water Supply: 100 per cent piped water, 24x7 flows, and 135 lpcd consumption per capita

Sewerage: Underground sewerage with 100 per cent collection and treatment of waste water

Solid Waste: 100 per cent collection, transportation and treatment

Urban Roads: Area under roads 11 per cent area for cities 7 per cent for towns

Road density (km per sq. km.) 12.25 km per sq. km. for cities 7 km per sq. km. for towns

Storm Water Drains: Network covering 100 per cent road length on both sides of the road

Urban Transport: Rail-based and road-based Mass Rapid Transit System for cities with

Population 1 mn and above, city bus service for smaller cities and towns

Street Lighting: Luminance: 35 Lux for all cities and towns; 40 m spacing for major roads,

45 m for collector roads, and 50 m for access road spaces

Traffic Support Infrastructure

Large sums required, but financeable if…..

• Government of India scales up JNNURM funding from its current level of 0.1 per cent of

GDP to 0.25 per cent of GDP per year for 20 years

• Bihar government enter into constitutionally mandated revenue-sharing arrangement with ULBs (Urban Local Bodies)

• Bihar government provide enabling environment for ULBs to reform

  • ULBs aggressively push reforms to increase own revenues, i.e. Access to borrowing and PPP is made possible by working on a Revenue Model which makes ULBs credit-worthy and market-worthy.