Test Propionate- The Fast Acting Testosterone

It is a very important testosterone compound ever manufactured. It is a steroid which is esterified. Testosterone propionate is a compound which is injected and has very low rate of release but among the esterified steroids it is the fastest releasing. It is a very good compound but it has to injected every day for good results. The other advantage of this compound is that it can be easily controlled to prevent any side effects.

Every vial contains very little ester and more of testosterone. The half –life of testosterone is enhanced by the ester in propionate to 4 ½ days. Anabolic steroids which are esterified have the tendency to be fat soluble and release slowly after they are injected. The reason for it enhancement of half-life and slow release is due to enzymes which work to remove the bond between the testosterone and the ester.

How Testosterone Propionate Works?

To split the bond between testosterone Propionate takes a long time which depends on the ester that is used. Finally the enzymes break the bond and the ester is removed and pure testosterone is left which can freely act in the body. Its life extends to 2–4 hours. When propionate ester is combined to it, its life extends to 4 ½ days.

It helps to retain nitrogen in the muscles. The more the nitrogen in the muscles the more protein it can hold and the larger is the size of the muscle. Testosterone also improves the IGF level of the body to coordinate metabolism and growth. IGF depends on the growth hormone to help promote its growth activity.

The Advantages of Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is the anabolic steroid that is used to help in mass building. It is used to help promote good health with improved libido besides immunity, energy and increase loss of fat. It helps to gain and retain lean muscle and also prevent osteoporosis. Testosterone propionate helps to prevent diseases of the heart.

Testosterone helps in normal growth and is useful in the development of organs of male sex. It also helps to maintain characteristics of secondary sex. Testosterone attaches itself to the receptors of androgen and helps to speed up the muscle gain, help in growth and repair of muscles besides helping in the loss of fat.

Functions of Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is a pure hormone of testosterone. It is synthetically prepared but is an exact replica of the natural male androgen testosterone. It is bonded to the propionate ester which takes time and controls its release. This helps the person who is using testosterone propionate to release the testosterone very slowly.

When it is injected into the body the enzymes work on the ester and slowly they separate the ester from the testosterone. When it is separated it starts releasing testosterone into the blood. Testosterone has androgenic rating of 100 and anabolic rating of 100. It is very useful in the treatment of low testosterone for both women and men.

So if you are suffering from low testosterone, then take testosterone propionate to get the hormones back to normal.

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Test Propionate is the Anabolic Steroids that is used to help in mass building. It is used to help promote good health with improved libido besides immunity, energy and increase loss of fat.

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