How To Get Real & Legit Different IP Votes

Nowadays different types of online contest voting, giveaways competitions are running. It gets huge popularity among the online activists on different professions. Nobody can ignore his/her online existence that’s why the participants are very much interested to present himself through the community.

A lot of popular platforms who are arranging such kind of voting competitions and people on different professions are participating there to win the contest. After getting entered into the competition people very often eager to gain votes as much as possible and surely anyhow. Some people also trying to manipulate the voting process by buying votes. However, it seems that most of the time the people win who buy votes. No matter from where yo0u gain the votes but it is very important to gain only legit votes. Legit or real hits using different ips is very much important to win the contest. There are a lot of ways to buy ip votes but you have to make sure that you are going for only legit work. Any kind of fake work done on behalf of you will disqualify you from the contest. So, if you go for manipulation you must have to be careful about the quality of voting rather than quantity.

Most of the participants doing the wrong by managing fake hits to his entry page and as a result, get caught and kicked out from the contest. The contest authority always makes the things clear inside their Terms & Services regarding of the competition. If you are a participant then you must have to read and abide the rules and regulations of the authority.

Suppose you are a participant in a contest organized by Polldaddy is a very popular survey based website who can check the quality of the voting, check ips, cookies of the computer etc. That means you may disqualify if you try to manipulate voting using same ips or same device. In order to buy polldaddy votes you must have to be careful because any kind of fake promotion will lead your disqualification. At first, you need to invite your friends and family members to help you and then you can go for social media promotion. If you have popular social media pages, YouTube channels, Twitter handle you can do it yourself. You also can hire a freelancer for doing the job on behalf of you on popular social media.

If you see that it won’t work finally because the other contestants are cheating by manipulating the process buying votes, you can go for it also but please remember you have to find out an efficient freelancer or company who can do it on behalf of you without any fake work. That means you need to be done it 100% legit so that the authority won’t treat it as fake and manipulation.

Finally, it can be said that online competitions have become very popular and a lot of people around the world showing interest to participate and win the contest. If you have enough brilliance on a certain field then you can search the web and can easily participate a lot of giveaways that matched to your skill.