BUZCOIN is a navigator in the world of cryptocurrency

Olga Buzova became the voice of the service for drivers “Yandex. Navigator”.

This is another recognition that our era is rightly associated with the voice of one of the most famous person in Russia, Olga Buzova.

But this is not just an achievement — it means that Olga Buzova is able to achieve her goals.

Her project — BUZCOIN and BUZAR platform-will serve as a navigator in the world of ICO and cryptocurrencies for investors who buy tokens.

Since this project is initiated, it is constantly controled by Olga Buzova, you can be sure that BUZCOIN will show the right way in a situation where the world is falling faith in the US dollar, and in general there is a need for something new.

In fact, we see the rebirth of the blockchain and the cryptocurrency world in the face of BUZCOIN.