My Boot Camp experience so far (PART 2)

In my last blog post, I asserted that the bootcamp experience was hitherto the herald of a learning adventure. That assertion couldn't have been more accurate. This is an unusual, exciting and daring experience.

So far i've been challenged on my ability to learn new concepts. For example, my last task was in relation to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in JavaScript, which was an entirely new concept to me. It is worth mentioning that my first JavaScript program was written during the practical session of Day 1 of Boot Camp. So moving from that to Object Oriented Programming was a leap.

However, I encouraged myself that it wouldn't be that bad since I had used OOP in other programming languages. This was not the case. It turned out that Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript had a lane of it's own. The syntax of course was different; the implementation of the very concept of OOP was alien compared to other languages. What i found most challenging and to be frank a little bit annoying was how data-hiding (a component of encapsulation) is implemented in JavaScript. Whatever happened to defining public and private variables and calling it a day.

Regardless, i took the bull by the horn. I studied an online JavaScript tutorial on the Mozilla Development Network, focusing more on the concepts i needed to complete my task for the day. Thankfully, i completed the task successfully and learned something new and relevant.

The experience so far has also been a test of resilience and passion. It makes you re-evaluate why you should continue with the entire process. For me, I know i'm in the right place and I look forward to more unusual, exciting and daring experiences.

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