How true? Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis had a shouting match on It's Showtime

It’s showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis had a shouting match yesterday towards the end of the show, entertainment website Fashion Pulis wrote.

 According to the article, Anne’s skirt hit the drink of Vice Ganda which he placed at the side of a tablewhile she was passing by. The drink then spilled on the Unkabogable star getting his clothes and his shoes wet.

 Vice made a big deal of the incident and started screaming at Anne. Exchanges of words occurred, which made Anne hurriedly leave with tears in her eyes.

 After the tension and hurtful moment, people wonder if such incident is nothing more than a prank and both hosts will later just say that it was all acting behind the scenes. Nonetheless, if such incident bordered on a personal affront, will either Vice or Anne be absent from today’s show?

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