Women typically experience vaginal odor. this is because their genitals are the most sensitive part of their body. Vaginas are suscpetible to germs and bacteria which causes it to have a fould odor.

Vaginal odor is embarrasing hence preventing it should be a ‘must’ for every ladies. This particular case is caused by either bacterial infections, poor hygeine, sexually transmitted diseases or hormonal changes. while slight odor is typically considered as normal, strong vaginal smell may indicate serious genital problem.

Here are the simple ways to take care of your vagina to prevent foul smell.

1.) Stay Clean and Fresh — Vaginal odor is typically caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the genitals. Hence if one would take a bath regularly, vaginal odor can be avoided. Showering daily can remove sweat all over the body.

2.) Use Natural Soap — Unscented soaps are safer than those which have a rich fragrance. Fragrant soap contain various chemicals which is harmful for the vagina. It may trigger irritation and which can cause baterial infection. It is safe to use feminine wash in order to balance the acidity of the private part. Femine wash are for external use only. This means that the outer part of the private area should be washed as cleaning the inside could worsen the problem.

3.) Abstinence — Sometimes when the vaginal odor is caused by a serious bacterial infection, it is helpful to avoid engaging in sexual activities for the mean time.

4.) Right Cleaning Method — It is a must to observe proper cleaning method of the private area. It is advisable to wipe from front to back using baby wipes or wet wipes to clean the private area.

When using different products on the vagina, one must remember the following:

1.) Lubricants should be water-based or silicone-based.

2.) Do not use products that are not designed for vaginal use such as lotions, powders and others.

3.) Use cotton undergarments that would allow the vagina to breathe and be fresh throughout the day.

4.) Be sure of the items you are inserting the vagina such as tampons. It may increase bacterial growth if not used properly.

It is a must for the ladies to have proper and well-maintained hygiene because of their vagina’s sensitivity.

what do you think of these tips? Are they easy to follow? Share your comments with us in the section below!

Source: TNP , centralreaders

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