Traditional news media outlets are not reporting on Vice President Leni Robredo issues that are rampant on social media, like in the case of the Palit-Bise rally.

Photo credits: Philippine Star

Manila Times writer Rigoberto Tiglao said that “four of the five broadsheets reported Sunday’s “Palit-Bise” rally only as minor news stories and in their inside pages,” while Manila Times was the only broadsheet that had the story on its front page.

While there is not much coverage on traditional media, social media has been hyped with the recent events. Tiglao shared the Internet analytics Manila Times had of topics that talked about Vice President Leni Robredo.

““Views” (readers) of my column “Robredo lies to the world, shames the nation” broke all of Manila Times records, having 200,000 views (and 49,000 “likes”, as of yesterday), larger than my two other “best-selling” columns which were during President Aquino’s term that each had 180,000 views. News articles, “VP Robredo sidesteps #Nagaleaks revelations” and “Leni’s Fil-Am backers plotting vs Duterte,” had 65,000 and 92,000 views, respectively. My colleague Antonio Contreras’ column “The tragedy of Leni Robredo” so far is his most-read piece, viewed by 65,000 readers,” Tiglao claims.

He explained that had these stories been “converted” into traditional media, Robredo’s “political demise” would headline the news for days.

Social media is emerging as a separate platform in itself. Tiglao says that what makes the Palit-Bise rally so groundbreaking is that it was organized through social media.

However, traditional news media outlets are not keen on reporting the Vice President’s “political demise”.

Tiglao pointed out that the one other time when “social media’s political assessment contrasted with that of traditional media” was during the 2016 elections season when social media covered the surmounting support for President Rodrigo Duterte while the traditional media did not.

In the wake of these current issues, Tiglao asserts that Robredo “has been cut up with a hundred thousand blades” on social media with netizens criticizing and analyzing her ineffective politics.


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