OA kasi masyado! A Mindanaoan's striking open letter to spoiled brat Manileños

Maia Villapañe, a Mindanaoan wrote an open letter addressed to Manileños and privileged city kids everywhere else.

 Villapañe, who is according to her post was born in General Santos and was raised in Cagayan de Oro has learned to associate the presence of the military in their area even during her early age.
Check out full post of Maia Villapañe below:

Dear Manileños and privileged city kids everywhere else,

I grew up seeing military checkpoints dotting our route from Cagayan de Oro to Surigao. We learned early on to associate the presence of the military with safety because our local news too often would report of this armed group or that terrorist faction making some sort of mess. Although these skirmishes were often not covered by your national media, we Mindanaoans learned early on that our Northern counterparts didn’t really care about us and our government only gave us perfunctory handouts. We learned to be tough and to survive.

But we are also tired of having to deal with these armed groups. We want a real end to this. That’s why we voted for the President.

So if we have to sacrifice a little of our personal freedom, if we have to adhere to a curfew, if we have to cooperate with the military, WE ARE PREPARED. We’ve done this a million times before.

You think your complaints are saving us? They’re not. You only want to feel validated for supposedly “caring” but I bet that before all of this, you knew next to nothing about Mindanao and its people.

Kaya don’t us. We’re tired and your complaints are pissing us off.

No love,

Maia (GenSan-born, raised in Cagayan de Oro; daughter of Mindanao)

PS: I still have family and friends in Mindanao. Despite the threat, they know exactly what to do at this point. Unlike you whiners, they’re as tough as reinforced steel. No complaints and fear-mongering from them, just the same old refusal to be intimidated by terrorists.

Source: Maia Villapañe

Originally published on Blogger

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