Russian Big Lakes: The Home of Underwater Colossal Humanoids?

Do we have a map that gives us the concrete directions on where to find colossal creatures or humanoids? That thought might be fascinating to some but unfortunately, it is not yet possible to have. Due to the fact that the earth we live in is vastly huge and numerous oddities are surrounding it, it is hard to make a complete map of the humanoids’ normal habitat or whereabouts. But, according to some reports, there are many stories that have surfaced in the past leading up until today regarding some of the dark waters of Siberia and Kyrgyzstan.

 The two famoius bodies of water, Issyk-Kul of Kyrgyzstan and Lake Baikal of Siberia, are believed to be the homes of colossal humanoids underwater. The stories revolving it got more interesting as the USSR military diver service made a personal warning to iuts soldiersagainst capturing of the said creatures.

Lake Issyk-Kul actually means “warm lake” as it never freezes despite being surrounded by ice. And Lake Baikal is considered to be the oldest and deepest lake in the world. It is known to be a home to water creatures not seen in other parts of the world along with a host of stories and legends surrounding it. Several notable persons have treaded the path into the unknown while investigating these stories. One such person was researcher Ilya Grabovsky. Mr. Grabovsky begin his research in the 1930’s and died before he was able to fully share all that he discovered from these bodies of water with others.

He reported that local fisherman discovered a cave underwater in one of these lakes that contained the skeletons of very tall men with silver amulets. As the report goes on, the fisherman sold the majority of the silver from the amulets while holding on to a small piece of it. When examined, the age of the remaining piece of silver could not be determined. Other information that supports the idea of humanoids or other man-like creatures in these waters dates back to the mid 1800’s. During this time as reported by Mr. Grabovsky, Georgian divers reportedly found the opening of a cave under water that held the remains of giant humanoids.
Lake Issyk-Kul

Along with this the local Krygz legend of the popular area in account, it also refers to the same major points: giants and a sunken city. Most of the most significant occurrences regarding these mysterious lakes actually took place in the last 40 years involving the Soviet army. The Soviet army’s trainings in the 1980’s involved a lot of contact and dives into these lakes. It can be recalled that in 1982, Soviet military divers spotted very tall swimmers during an expedition.

 An intriguing point that they stressed out was that despite the cold waters these swimmers, or humanoids were without the proper attire or scuba gear and they are only wearing fitted suits and having their head covered or hidden. This alerted the soldiers to the point that they wanted to attempt capture, but subsequently they still failed when they were thrown out of the water by an unknown force. The force had devastating consequences for the divers.

As per Mark Shteynberg, all of the military’s divers on the said expedition succumbed to a dreaded decompression sickness from being forced out of the water at such a depth. Three of them died due to the sickness and the others were seriously injured or incapacitated. Other evidences support the presence of the strange creatures includes the anecdotes from the Russian Mikhail Demidenko. He stated that he spoke to fisherman near Lake Baikal in the 1980’s. The fisherman expressed that they did witness soldiers being propelled out of the water on separate occasions, even going beyond the water’s surface.

Lake Issyk-Kul

It is also noted that the Commander of the USSR Military Diver Service personally warned soldiers at Issik Kul against capturing the creatures. And the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense noted other lakes with similar creatures in a released statement to military in Turkmenistan. But despite all of this warnings, the Russian government still rejects any notion of something unnatural or unexplainable occurring in those waters.

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