Russian blog reveals US might be the one behind Maute group attack in PH?

“The US wants the Philippines under its control.”

 This was a very tricky opinion that may connect the attack of the Maute Group and the unprecedented return of President Duterte in the country.

 The President went to Russia to have a meeting with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. Unfortunately, President Duterte has to cut short his trip due to the attack of the Maute Group in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur.
 According to the Facebook Blog Russia Friends, the alleged ISIS attack in the country was an unforeseen event and shocked the public. The authors of the blog speculated that the United States wanted to control the Philippines. It seems like they want to disrupt the meeting to two leaders and make bilateral agreements with both parties.

 In the blog, the authors elaborated that the Philippines’ location in the Pacific is advantageous for them to conquer the region. The blog cited, “It’s not just shrimp and straw hats, it’s an extremely pivotal position in the pacific that they required in order to secure power in the region.”

 “It is not only a pathway from pacific to the middle east / entire ASEAN area, but also a military strategic point, and full of mineral wealth.” Therefore, any nation would want to have their share in Philippines location NOT only for the quest of power, but also for bountiful resources that this country possesses.
 The blog also expressed that US used the issue on Human Rights in the Philippines that is why the agreement regarding the sale of armaments was cancelled. The blog says, “The US doesn’t sell weapons to Philippines because of what they call Human rights, but Saudi Arabia get re-elected on the Human rights council and gives them 400$ billion worth of arms.”

 Then the authors threw an inquisitive question that we readers might want to answer; “anybody else see that as suspicious?”

Russian blog reveals US might be the one behind Maute group attack in PH?

Source: Russia Friends

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