United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamrd had quoted Dr. Carl Hart, Columbia University neuroscientist, when she made the tweet about shabu having no damaging effect on the brain.

Now, the same neuroscientist called President Rodrigo Duterte ‘ignorant’ for spreading false information about the effects of shabu on the human brain.

“When you have a president making such ignorant comments about drugs (as if) he’s a pharmacologist — and when society allows that? And the scientific community doesn’t say it’s wrong? They have much bigger problems,” Hart said.

He even lashed at those who support Duterte saying that, “Duterte’s ignorance is only surpassed by those who support him on this issue. He is way out of his league when he talks about drugs.”

Most of Hart’s remarks targeted the information Duterte included in one of his speeches during the 115th Police Service anniversary in August 2016.

“A year or more of shabu use would shrink the brain of a person and therefore he is no longer viable for rehabilitation,” Duterte had said.
Hart labels it as the “most abhorrent claim” by the President.

“Millions of people around the world take this drug. For a variety of conditions. We don’t see anyone’s brain shrinking,” Hart said.

He emphasized that methamphetamines have their medical uses and brain shrinkage due to substance abuse is only observed among heavy alcohol drinkers.

Hart even elaborated that amphetamine, a drug closely related to methamphetamine, is commonly used to treat ADHD, depression, narcolepsy, and obesity.

“In the United States, (amphetamines are) the number one drug for attention deficit disorder — prescribed to children as young as five years old,” he said.

“Amphetamines are used widely but you don’t see all this violence that people are claiming. It’s just a myth,” he added.

Duterte had previously slammed Hart’s claims and even sent off Hart and Callamard to “go on a honeymoon” for their claims.

“They have prejudged shabu and announced — ewan ko kung scientific (or) not — (that) it is not a virulent chemical. Pagka ganon, wala na tayong pag-uusapan,” Duterte had said.

Source: GMA News Online

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