Abandoned pets are both exotic pets and companion animals that are either inadvertently or deliberately cast off by their owners. This commonly occurs when an owner dies, when a pet becomes disruptive or grows too large, or if the pet was acquired impulsively.

A rhesus macaque monkey in the city of Erode, India adopted a puppy and sees her as her own child. The monkey protected the little pup from stray dogs. The monkey carried the puppy everywhere she went, occasionally to feed the pup with her own hands as people gathered to watch the unusual sight.

The monkey would let the puppy eat first, before proceeding to feed herself. The monkey here was actually acting like a parent towards the pup.

Erode city locals were at loss for words when they saw this monkey defended his adopted puppy from stray dogs that were trying to attach him.

Zee News reported,

“People who have seen them spoke of their strong mutual affection and described their bond as the most caring thing in the world — to take care of a puppy in danger and protect him like a parent. Their undying affection gives us a valuable lesson about relationships.”

Though this monkey carried the puppy everywhere, it did not stop her from acting in her usual manner. The monkey was able to jump from tree to tree and run.

The bond between the monkey and the pup here is something special. They have unusual friendships!



Source: Viral4Real


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