A young girl was waiting for a taxi in Philcoa, Quezon City near UP Diliman, almost kidnapped by unidentified men when a white van stopped in front of her and a man tried to grab her. There were also other girls inside the van.

According to a Facebook post of the girl’s relative, the young girl escaped her captors who tried to put her inside the white van. The girl was able to scream which attracted the attention of people around her, especially 
 the jeepney barkers who came to help the young girl and fought the man.

The girl’s relative said:“As she was waiting for a cab, a man grabbed her and started dragging her to a (non-plated) van. Fortunately, she started screaming and fighting back. The jeepney barkers (bless them!) came to her help and fought the man, giving her a chance to escape. The man jumped back to the van as it sped away. She caught a glimpse of the inside of the van and saw other young girls (about 6) hands tied and crying, with 2 men “sitting guard” by the door.”

She added: “We are of course, very VERY grateful that she escaped. But I can’t shake the horrible image of those other poor girls. Am sharing this now to express the need for vigilance for all.”

Apparently, the LTO office warned citizens of this modus operandi last year. The post reads: “WARNING: May holdapers ngayon na ang style ay nagtanong kunwari ng oras at lugar kunwari naliligaw sila at pag distracted na kayo, may van na hihinto sa tapat nyo at pilit kayong isasakay.”

The citizens should be cautious as there are number of kidnapping cases were reported these days.

Source: kami

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