Bit-size Story of an Analyst: Quarter 1

During my Sengenics days, centralised performance dashboard was a standard practice and very critical to our leadership team. The year I came in as an Analyst in Airasia X, some dashboards scattered everywhere in Win-env shared folder. Sometimes, documents isolated in their own laptop. Recipe for inefficiency. Centralised dashboard? Nowhere to be found. Well, perhaps this is what I am hired to do. Roll up the sleeve, boy.

Smooth data flow is key. We moved all the critical stuffs related to operation to Google Drive. Lots of schmoozing took place. Tiring but critical phase. Due to lack of economic resources, we cant have all the fancy software like Tableau or Geckoboard. We ended up hacking Google Sheet to build our dashboard. It worked. The leadership team now have one-stop centre to figure out the basis of performance of the department. Thanks to my boss Aspa for her full support.

This helped us prepare our presentation (for CEO, HODs and Cabin Crews) slide faster allowing us to use the time left to do some other critical stuffs such as developing our next key document, executive scorecards? WTH is that? It is a way for us to measure the performance of our executives instead of just the performance of the department. The objective of the scorecards is no other than figuring out our potential strength and weaknesses and balance it.

What is my definition of bit-size? 3 paragraphs per article, 4 to 6 lines per paragraph, 15 to 20 words per line. Kapisch?