Data-driven Strategy Development Framework

A simplistic look into it…

An artwork by Ibrahim Barakat

3 main questions to ask your team every month:

  1. What is the most important problem to your group? then, to your local business (AOC, if airline)?
  2. What data assets do you have that can help with this?
  3. Which data solutions are actually possible to create?

Now you are done with internal assessment. Do your external assessment with method below:

  • First figure out what is group-level strategy that is possibly under our purview.
  • Second figure out what is country/aoc-level strategy.
  • Third figure out that middle ground if possible, if not, lean toward group-level strategy.

For country/aoc-level strategy, asses the motivation. Is credit is sought-after? Is it manpower workload-bandwidth issue? Is there hidden insecurity?

Once assessed and initial hypothesis formed, figure out how much diplomacy method you wanna use or is it hardball/top-down method required?

Careful with hardball/top-down method. It is the last resort. You have to at least, give it 3 tries before your change your method from diplomacy to hardball. Surprisingly, this can get things done. But use it sparingly.

All done? Execute.

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