Influence and Power Positioning

Getting a buy-in when buy-in is tough.

A work of Alessandro Sciortino

An ability to tactically and strategically manoeuvre the rough water of influence and power to drive organisational mission. Its like a chess game. But with real people involved. And its tougher.

Large organisation has many teams and many departments. Each of them has their own unique interests and concerns. The tough part is, you wont be able to address all of those.

When that happen where you cant get natural buy-in, this skill-set needed more than ever.

My first taste of executing influence/power positioning was when my then-CEO asked me to go to (this one) government organisation and put a pressure to a professor who is posing friction to our company. We got our research approved quicker than expected.

Each execution will get you better. My first act benefit my second act (in Airasia) very well, where it is more structured, with tactical plan laid out and briefed to all participating leaders. We got our revenue number improved as we wished.

To all executives out there especially one with tiny influence and power, like the majority of us, learn this skill and practice.

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