Risk and Reward In Career Growth

The greater the risk the greater the reward

Two questions came into my inbox this morning; 1) How did you get to grow so fast in Airasia? 2) How did you get into Microsoft even without a degree?

When i looked back, one pattern emerge.

I took RISK.

Obvious one i could recall that caused strong skepticism was moving from high growth role in a prestige genomic research institution to becoming a cabin crew (totally off-track). Some though i have wasted what i have achieved at young age.

Funny thing about risk is, it is scary and it is uncertain. Out of 5 risks you take, only 2 may work out. And i said, MAY.

The one that work out, usually would set a growth trajectory you cant even imagine. Opening doors you didnt even expect.

Now, im in Microsoft, im asking myself, whats the next risk (that im pretty sure my family would be against it, for good reason) i would take?