Humble Beginnings

On a sunny Friday last year, Mike and I met for lunch near Russian Hill in San Francisco. We somehow got caught up talking about how apps like Twitter have totally democratized information and made it available instantly to anyone in the World. No longer do we have to wait for the 7 o’clock news to find out what happened earlier that day. Twitter allows instantaneous flow of information but at the expense of noise and inaccuracies. Could there be a way to let people share knowledge of what’s happening but with the credibility of more traditional media sources? The age old adage, ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ came to mind. And in that instant, the concept of BuzzMap was born. Its interface and features have changed many, many times but the concept remains the same — an app that gives you an eye into what’s happening near you and around the world.

Soon a few people will be using this app in real life situations and we can’t wait to see the results! It’s going to be one hell of a ride. Stay tuned.

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