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I sympathize with the basic sentiment in this piece, but… isn’t it possible that part of the issue is that we’re no longer in an era of sane conservatism? I mean, we’re not talking about colleges uninviting* WIlliam F. Buckley or Pat Buchanan, right? We’re talking about hate-mongers and shock-jockeys who may not even believe what their personas espouse.

And as for the student with a MAGA hat… again, this isn’t just an innocuous slogan like Romney’s “Believe in Amera” or whatever. It’s a slogan associated with an admitted sexual assaulter who’s been passionately adopted by white supremacists. That is a flag, and I would not blame any professor for approaching it with caution.

As usual, I think 54 has changed the rules. Conservatism is not what it once was. I can’t blame anyone for whating to treat it with scrutiny.

  • Not “banning”; these are paid speaking engagements, no?
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