5 Reasons the Spyce boys should bring their Robot Kitchen to Singapore

I really love the Spyce Kitchen so much that I need to write another entry about it. If you missed out on what Spyce Kitchen is all about, you can view my previous post. Let us take a closer look at the benefits if Spyce arrives on our sunny shores.
 1) Spyce will fit well in any hawker centers
 Our hawker stall area is on average 5 to 9 sqm. It sounds like a small space to do the cooking, storing of food/non-food inventory and washing up. By taking up only 1.86 sqm of space, Spyce Kitchen can easily fit into our space constraint hawker stall.
 2) We are the “Smart Nation” wannabe

Picture Credit: Smart Nation

Physically queuing for food is so yesterday. As a smart nation wannabe, Spyce fulfills our dreams by allowing us to order food through the mobile app, make a payment online and scan a QR code to retrieve our food. Now, that’s called efficiency.
 3) Solving Labor Woes
 Spyce is a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, cashier and CHEF all in one. The only labor you will need is a person replenishing the fresh ingredients in the kitchen. There would be no more headache in hiring a dishwasher, chef, and a cashier.
 4) Fighting the War on Diabetes

Picture Credit: Today

Most importantly, Spyce is fighting the War on Diabetes! The kitchen allows customization which means we can customize our food choices to include more vegetables and less rice.
 5) Students chiong-ing for assignment deadlines

Credit: Today & Spyce

Being a student, chiong-ing for assignments and exams usually means bringing along snacks(READ Potato Chips, Instant Noodles, Fast Food) to last you through late nights as there are not many food options available. With Spyce, you not only can have healthier options, you would also be able to enjoy hot, fresh meals in 5 minutes!
 We can’t wait to for the Spyce boys to launch their robotic kitchen in Singapore soon.

Originally published at buzznoose.blogspot.sg.