Be a Master Chef with these 5 Smart Kitchen Gadgets

At some point in our lives, we all desire to be a good chef. To be able to cook well enough to earn praises from our family and friends. In reality, not many of us persevere long enough to get there. Most of us just get on with our hectic lives and are contented with just being an “Instant Noodle” chef.

Today, we are going to introduce 5 Smart Kitchen Gadgets to transform you from an “Instant Noodle Chef” to your family’s Master Chef.
 1) Pancake Bot

Credits: Photo from Amazon

Start the day off by being a Pancake Artist. The Pancake Bot allows you to design your own pancakes by uploading pre-designed images or self-created images into an SD card. If you have kids, the Pancake Bot is a must have as they have pre-designed cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse etc which would definitely delight your kids. Pour the pancake batter into the bot’s dispenser and press Start. Get your plates ready and you are all ready for breakfast. Simple, isn’t?
 2) Replenish

Credits: Screenshot from Replenish

We all love drinking smoothies, but we hate washing the blender and cleaning up the place. Replenish, the self-cleaning blender helps to resolve the problem. Just place the frozen pack of fruits from them in the blender and your smoothie will be ready in no time. Smoothie flavors include Mango Probiotic, Green Detox, Berry Antioxidant, P.B Protein and even Coffee Upgraded.
 3) Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

Credits: Photo from Pantelligent

The Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan is like no other frying pan. It transforms “Instant Noodle” chef to professional chefs. The temperature sensor in the pan talks to the app on your mobile device and the app will notify you when to flip your food or add more ingredients. You can watch Pantelligent at work in this video

Credits: Video from Pantelligent

4) June Intelligent Oven

Credits: Video from June Intelligent Oven

If you prefer a more hands-free approach, June Intelligent Oven is the answer for you. It has built-in cameras, scale and can recognize your food. With the WiFi feature, this means that you can have real-time coverage of what happens inside the oven and even instagram to showcase your superb culinary skills. However, the oven is a bit pricey with a hefty price tag of $1495.

5) Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bentending

Credits: Video from Brookstone

After a whole day of work, you might not have the time to hit the pubs to get a good drink. Why bother, when you can have the Perfect Drink App-controlled Smart Bartending. It records your alcohol inventory at home and selects recipes that you can use. By connecting the app to the scale through your phone’s headphone port, it will display what ingredients are needed and the quantity to pour. If you have accidentally poured more than required, the app will readjust the other ingredient quantity so that you can enjoy your perfect drink.

With these 5 Kitchen Gadgets, we believe you have no problems convincing your family and friends that you are their MasterChef.

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