You don’t have to buy a guitar, you can now 3D print it!

3D printing is not only for manufacturing and industrial purpose. The availability of consumer 3D printers has opened up a new area for creative exploration and could have an impact on any industry. In Australia, an industrial design student, Adrain McCormack from Griddith University has 3D printed his guitar as part of his degree. The final product was a surf-cultured inspired theme and it took Adrian approximately 40–60 hours to design before spending another 200 hours of 3D printing. This project signifies a bright future of collaboration between design and music. Traditional custom guitars are typically expensive and takes a long time to build. 3D-printed guitar solves this problem as it is cheaper to build, has a shorter lead time and most importantly, allows you to have a say in how you want your guitar to look like. Your guitar shows your brand and personality!
 If you are eager to get your hands on a 3D printed guitar, we have found two shops to get your guitars. (Disclaimer: We are not related to any of the shops listed)
 1) Customuse

3D-printed RodeoMuse guitar

Customuse strongly believes that every guitar player should have a guitar that represents their unique personality and special tone. Thus, their mission is to create a personal, unique, memorable and affordable guitars for everyday guitar players to allow them to express their personality through the instrument. In short, they print your personality. You can also be involved in the entire design process by sharing your ideas with their 3D designers. 
 Prices range from £749- £1,500 and they aim to ship all guitars within 2 months of ordering. They are currently based in London.
 2) ODD

ODD guitars are a range of 3D-printed customizable guitars. The company was started by Olaf Diegel, a design engineer who is passionate about 3D printing and other manufacturing technologies. Olaf is also a professor of product development at Lund University in Sweden.

Prices range from US$3000 for a small bodied guitar to US$4000 for a guitar with intricate airbrushed paint jobs. Lead time is dependent on stock availability and normally takes around 8 weeks.

For 3D enthusiasts who wants to build your own guitar, here are two sites where you can download the instructions and files for free.
1) 3D Printing Solutions

3D Printing Solutions is an Australian company that wants to use desktop 3d printers beyond vases and figurine models. Thus, they took up a challenge to design a fully functioning finished guitar printed from a desktop FDM 3D printer. They also kindly shared their STL files with the community which can be downloaded from their website.
 2) Black Widow 3D Printed Guitar

Black Widow 3D Printed Guitar

The black widow 3D printed guitar has an amazing story behind it. It’s not just a 3D-printed guitar, its a guitar that gave the designer, Jessie Sasser a new purpose in life. Thanks to Robo3D, Jessie was able to 3D print his own working electric guitar. The guitar was also showcased at CES 2016. Jessie has shared the files for Black Widow here.

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