BuzzShow Ends Initial Token Launch

Apr 4, 2018 · 2 min read

End of First Token Sale Launch: Summary and Future Outlook

The initial launch of the BuzzShow tokens ended on Wednesday, 4th April 2018 at 11:59 AM CET. The token launch was preceded by a pre-sale, which took place from 12th till 19th February 2018. Further details about the sale will be released soon.

Token distribution to all BuzzShow bounty and referral program participants will commence within 10 business days after the end of the initial token sale. The team is urging all bounty participants, especially in the logo, banner and signature campaigns to keep BuzzShow logos, banners and signatures in place till at least 3 days after the end of the token sale. This is to help the evaluation process.

What is Next?

1. Next in our roadmap will be the Integrated Alpha Release of the platform with the BuzzShow Tokens smart contract. This will provide a better user interface and management with the integration of the ethereum smart contract. In addition, the platform’s economics to enable interaction among all categories of users — the creators, curators, viewers, and validators — will be introduced. Consequently, the channel creation and user rankings feature will be enabled.

2. Following the alpha release will be the ongoing Integrated Main Token Sale which will involve the new BuzzShow platform. Further details about the launch, including the bonus structure as well as start and end dates, will be communicated soon.

3. The announcement of exchanges where BuzzShow tokens will be available for trading will be done according to the finalization of negotiation and the best moment to list the token as per our implementation roadmap of the BuzzShow project.

4. Creation of telegram community for non-English speakers: Telegram groups will be created in Spanish, Russian, Korean and Vietnamese among others. This is to facilitate information dissemination and discussions about the BuzzShow project among our community members in various geographical locations where English is not the first language.

5. BuzzShow Rewards and Giveaway Programs: The team is declaring a reward program for our loyal community members. This is to appreciate their support in various categories. Detailed information about this program will be released on Monday, 9th April 2018. Keep following our social media channels to receive news about BuzzShow as it breaks.

Thank you for your support.



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