Keep dating, keep loving and Keep happy together .

Dating is one of the best things to spend time with your lover. Almost every couple like the dates and try to make it the best moment of the life but many of the people aren’t aware of the following types of dates which can help them fall in love again and again. .

When you love someone in your life, then you spend every moment with that person, enjoy small things and be there for one another.

And for a growing relationship, it is very important to spend quality time with each other, and that’s why going on dates is very important.

These alternative date ideas will not only get you out of your comfort zone but also help you know each other better.Scroll down to read the lists directly.

Long Drive Date

For those who are not ready to spend too much, long drives do for a perfect date. You do not get privacy only, but the beauty of nature combines that romantic spark. Do not forget to take your favorite snack with you and also a romantic playlist.

Long Walk Date

Make time to just take a walk as you bond. Walk for long as you hold hands, laugh, bump shoulder to shoulder. You need no money for this.If the weather is suitable and the sky is clear, a long walk with your loving partner makes it a perfect date.

Historical Date

Why not be different and visit come historical places together? Make your love bloom in a historical way, what say? Visit a museum or travel those famous lanes where some famous lovers walked once upon a time. Hire a guide or make a plan after research about what when and how. Find new aspects about your beloved city.

Adventure Date

Its my favorite date . I believe adventures dates are the best way to remember later. Some cool ideas are a trek, mountain climbing & camping on the side.

Double Date

Going for an outing on a date with another familiar couple close to you. This will give you a chance to celebrate love and talk couple to couple. Your love will grow stronger.More interesting is on double date with your bff and their partner because things are more comfortable there. So pick up a good place and spend time. You will end up discovering so much about yourselves as a couple when you spend time with another couple.

Cooking Date

Cooking Date is another romantic and beautiful type of dates. Decide the menu and start cooking together. You guys will definitely have an incredible experience of tasty romance in the kitchen.

Dance Date

Find a place where good music is played or dance is taught and go there as a couple.

Pull out your dancing shoes, play your favorite playlist, and dance with your partner like nobody is watching you.

Dance dates are more romantic than dinner date,cozy, cushy and intimate. Let the love grow freely.

camping Date

Go for camping together. From eating those cup noodles to cutting fruits together, from bonfire to singing along, from sleeping together in that small tent to climbing those mountains, cherish it all. Camping dates are surely super cool.

Movie Date

Watching a movie can be really amusing, be it in a theatre or at home on your laptop. A tub of popcorn and a blanket is one cosy date option.

Dinner Date

Plan a super romantic date with your partner. By romantic I surely don’t mean cheesy. Well romantic, be it in terms of favorite ambience, or those favorite flowers, dressing up at your best or getting the entire place lit with aroma scented candles and so on.

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