No matter how much we write in 3 hours on paper, the only dialogue that comes after exams is “Sala, kya bakwas paper set kia tha !!!”

College life are the best part in every person’s life. College life is a time full of experiences and learning many new things . It becomes a place where a person has many things that define a person, there is no doubt that the time spent in our college becomes the best time for our lives. It actually becomes a second house, where we meet various unique people, come to some amazing friends, make some mistakes, and finally, we get a degree in ourselves.

When we graduate school, many of us begin wondering where to begin our career with, what exams to take, and which college can perfectly fit into our dreams.

Majorly all of us leave home to join the college for the first time and have to face various challenges settling down into our new lives.

Ask anyone who of age group 22 to 40, what is the happiest phase of your life?

Many will answer college life.

What makes college days so memorable?

Why are college goes happy all the time?

True happiness and love don’t need money. College life is the biggest proof for that. Though we aren’t earning much now, it will not deter us from being really happy.

Self Development

Self-development is one of the most important things, which happens with a student throughout the student’s life, a major change occurs after being away from the family and we learn to live with it. It seems difficult at the beginning, but immediately after reaching the university, we really forget that we have a family! family? What family Friends are new family!

We grow and become more mature over the duration of our course based on our own journey and experiences throughout the university life.


Friends from student life are really precious. We will never find such unconditional love again.This is the age where people have no motives. Friendship is just to have fun and companionship. These friendships go a long way in life. Never lose a good friend. They are hard to find.

As soon as our school life is over, all our friends disject in different directions follow their dreams. Some stay in contact, but most just disject, it happens with everyone. With a new university,comes new experiences and definitely a lot of new friends. College life is definitely the time when everyone’s looking out for friendship. You get to meet so many individuals who are from various different cultures and ethnicities. After surrounding ourselves with some really nice people, we also tend to forget about how much of an introvert we were before college.

Hostel Life

College life is full of twists, turns, and essential learnings. If you happen to live in a hostel during your college time, it’s gonna teach you all the great things. Hostel life is crucial for self-development as here we undergo a lot of things we could never have thought of if we were back home. It also teaches us a great lesson about using our money and we end up becoming more responsible towards our life.

Hostel life teaches us to appreciate everything our mom cooks, everything our dad does for us, and every second that we spent with our siblings.

And some of the greatest friendships also begin from a hostel, especially those which last forever.


The Apna Adda. Ideal for gossiping about others while sipping hot chai or over lunch. Unofficial meetings to decide an outing, or a project, students love their college canteens. They are buzzing with activity all the time. Canteens also serve as platforms for co-curricular and cultural activities. Most students prefer spending time in Canteens than Classrooms.

Bunking classes

party after our exams

Saving friends from punishments, faking attendance, teasing each other, nick names, all are an inseparable part of college life. Enjoy while they last!

Unplanned trips with college buddies

College tours are a must go. Bonding with friends while going to different places and learning simultaneously is an experience of a life time. Enemies too turn friends during trips.

Couples only waited for Function night

We collect millions and trillions of memories in college which stays together throughout our life witha smile on our faces. Cheers to the memories you have forever and ever.