What I’m doing about the Tech Backlash
Ross Mayfield

Hi Ross, Good article. I have been saying this for over a year now so good to see others adding to it. Yes, without proper guidance technology will eradicate entire job families. Tests have already shown robots can out-diagnose doctors, and easy to see the impact on financial, legal and other so called knowledge markets. I think the ones most ready for change are the ones, like legal that have minimized cost saving technology and language simplification to justify high costs. I use an award winning, leading edge AI technology to speed up research from weeks, months to a day and then proper synthesis, strategy and decisions can happen at market speed. That is business agility that matters. I saw the AI Alliance between Amazon, IBM, Google, Facebook and Microsoft and they say they are concerned to use it for the greater good. I have 3 incredible high value, job creation examples but reaching someone that is open and a decision maker is hard. My work has evolved to reveal how one common human-centric business platform can revitalize any corporation. I say human-centric to include greater enablement, recognition of the business and market ecosystems, champion contributions across all levels of the company and also those that resist for fear of change. Yes technology will enable people but its about people. My background is in marketing and I have applied concepts that exposed creative, relationship and value creation to sales, channel, credibility, R&D, PR and much more. These early efforts for HP kept the brand vital between 1990 and 2001 but fell off managements radar despite ROI that was never less than $100M or more than $8B inside any one project, launch or year. I see marketing being more proactive and conscious as Deloitte reported just weeks ago that 85% of CMO’s mandated to create revenue growth and a good customer experience are failing badly. Our approach changes that as a systems approach should. Good luck. Love to chat as people who figure this out should connect as too few have yet and everyone is affected. Bill Van Eron. bill.vaneron@outlook.com

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