A.I., M. L. And data science in Education Sector
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AI, ML, Data Science related courses are currently considered as the most appropriate job oriented courses. At present, the overall education policy is being changed at the national level and the online virtual marketplace for teaching programming, coding, etc. becoming hyper to attract parents and their children. This is definitely at a loss for school going children. What once was in the field of engineering colleges, or even worse, will be in the field of AI, ML, data science such trendy courses. Because of the way in which marketing is being done there is no option other than AI, ML, Data Science courses to get new high paying jobs. This is a kind of blind propaganda. My personal opinion is that long ago in Maharashtra MSCIT courses were conducted and failed to cope up with ongoing job demand then. Same way these AI, ML, Data Science courses will be going to decline to cope up with new trends in the upcoming job market. This is because of the background that is required to understand AI, ML, data science is not often overlooked. Whether you know how to code or program to solve problem using coumputer, you are taught temporary tricks on how to use some popular libraries and how to operate on which data to get results. Similarly likewise MS Office packages many office tools are present. Any basic computer course teaches us how to use those tools and what to do using the office utilities for typical desktop office work. The courses for AI, ML, Data Science would taught such similar workaround usage of existing tools. Nowadays there are stereotype data models being taught and built in project or in application.

Today, people in any field are building many libraries to find out if some implementation can be done through AI, ML, Data Science for research and make many changes in it and make it available for others to use on open platform. Basic researchers are making invaluable contributions. These libraries are used to solve new questions every day. Some application specific frameworks are used to solve specific problems. Some programming languages ​​offer supportive and derived packages. They can be used to solve real time problems after customization in existing libraries. Of course those who have already used a programming platform to solve a real life problem do not need to learn much new just AI, M.L. Corresponding algorithm or technique could be learned and used. At the same time, if you understand many basic concepts of mathematics, you can use them to create solutions then AI ML is much easier to deal with. Considering all this, there are two main factors that needed to be considered, such as how to use AI, ML, etc., and the details of the field in which real life problems exist. The current market is engaged in building an army that is only aware of AI, ML, data science, etc., without considering the basics. Those who have completed their college education have been tempted by this virtual market, can have such job oriented courses for getting jobs. Not needed for kids at all. But at present, after the national education policy is in picture many portal claiming every child has to learn coding from childhood as future job market is full of such requirements. it is not true that most of the next generation jobs needed only AI ML support. Many parents are being trapped by the pull of advertisements of coding genius. Basically in India only urban educated people are often deceived because they are effectively hypnotized as they have a lot of purchasing capacities. The overall system has been developed such that the people in the urban then from rural areas always got looted. People who are suffering from poverty is never aware of such so called waves in education. This will affect those who can spend extra amount for child education. At an age when brain improvements are happening so such period is not for feeding plug n play course content of AI ML and Data Science. They needed to be explored in other activities to nurture their overall growth. Imposinng forcefully to coding will rise intellictual slavery in future. If this persists, the next generation of donkey workers will start to emerge with only clerical programming "Do as Directed" type jobs. Understanding questions, root cause analysis of the problems needed to be taught for AI ML aspirants. School going children are never suitable for these things. To learn about the causes of a problem and different methods to solve them at least formal education of respective field is much needed. The stupid companies working in education sector ruining the overall aspect of coding and programming. Claiming coding genius would be created in low age upto 15 years after teaching AI ML Data Science courses. It is always worst thing for that generation. Situation and requirement is most important to learn a particular problem. Then solution or resolution can be found based on the earlier experiences. School going children needed to be explored for fundamental aspects of respective fields. Languages, Maths and science basics would be good to teach. Efforts should be made for the children growth in all aspects of fields. In future an army of coding genius would be used as AI ML model to solve the problems. The Indian market is one of the best in the world to dump anything that is not needed for rest of the world. In such an environment, it is not possible to live without the turmoil in the education field.

In fact Education sector is supposed to be Service but it became Business and all wrong things started happening. Take a look at a simple example. Many video tutorials on various topics related to school education are available for free on YouTube. Although there is a lot of similar content available on many similar portals, web channels for free of cost, many online portals claim that they have created and set up exclusive educational content into the market. In fact most of the content is regenerated or recreated by copying existing setup. During the Corona period, there was a flood of such things. Many competitive websites are available for free for coding practice. Who study with proper planning and emphasis on the essentials strategies, can have good utilization of such open source material. Children going to school needed to ask to use proper available content under parental guidance. The prospective customers are nothing but these parents who are cheated by so called coding genius advertisements. In the future, urban school children will be the biggest consumer market. The impact will be less in rural areas as the good internet system, which will run continuously, has not yet arrived. Current is based on mobile internet in villages.

In places like Pune, people come from rural areas to prepare for MPSC UPSC and then become permanent customers of this market. Due to influence of the motivational speeches delivered by eminent personalities students from rural areas motivativated to come to the city and get dumped in the intrusion of competition. Something similar will happen in the future of certified unemployed like AI, ML, Data Science aspirants. Just as a gang of contractors arrives at the labor base in the morning and picks up the laborers like the wholesale goods as required, some of the certified labor bases in the IT sector will be seen at the crossroads. So called Coding Expert in children will be in the same situation as a certified coder who is immersed in urban industrialization. The basic concepts of a field should be well understood and taught how to use it, how to solve problems in daily life and how to find solutions differently from retrospective experience. But we do not know the difference between blind imitation and following. The most important part of AI, ML Data Science is the study of how to use experience data, categorized data and processed data to create models. Based on this, we have to understand the models made by experts in different fields to study and develop something new. This requires comprehension and minimum academic proficiency. For that, it is important to have basic knowledge of any field. Being certified and being qualified are two different things. A new generation of slaves is being formed by creating a pull of coding genius as donkey workers. The natural way of thinking should be cultivated. Such a process is formed and implemented in school life. It needs to happen. Time and attention is must to mature the brain, thought process and decision making sense. Parents are falling prey to delusions and throwing their children into the pit of future insecurity.

Knowledge of the computer science field is not the only requirement for AI, ML, Data Science. The study (or at least understanding) of disciplines like psychology, biology, health sciences, logic is much necessary. People who understand multi-disciplinary branches can solve problems in this area very well. People with clerical knowledge of programming can only temporarily provide solutions or resolution to the problems faced. Such clerical masses can look for different options of education depending on the different paths ahead. Because today's clerical masses are at least degree holders. These masses can try their luck in different areas of employment. But in the future, a generation of coding geniuses will be less likely to try their luck. The future effects of Digital India's rate are not to be overlooked. After Corona, there is a huge market for online education, internet-based employment opportunities and more. The available customers have been taken into consideration. It is not a new thing in our country to trap our customers in a fraudulent market by showing the lure of prosperity. Accompanied by self-proclaimed experts, the chances of fraud are strong. It is important to think about what is needed and what is required. However, the current market formula is to force customers to buy the things. People with a lack of understanding and a society with so much useless attention always fall victim to exploitation.

As far as education is concerned, no one is looking back to spend more for better and strong career options in future. Especially the parents having capacities to spend more are a prime source of customers for companies to focus. To take advantage of this, greedy traders in the hollow market set up traps and sit down to pick such stupid blind customers. Society's prestige is one another aspect of such parents to show off their children are getting good facilities. Impressing people on social media is not so difficult these days. This is more dangerous for the middle class who are always influenced by comparing oneself to others. The biggest market share of such business strategies to influence such prospective customers by different tactics.

Today, the situation is such that virtual education is trying to emerge like coding and programming is one and only field of career for future. In fact it is not true in all sense. Programming and coding is needed to solve the problems using computers. While all areas are in a state of decline due to corona situation. Many capitalists looking this as a business opportunity to grab attention spreading fake news regarding national education policy are demanding coding and programming in school education. School education business is a never ending field as everyone wants to have a good education for their children.
As Industry 4.0 is emerging and trying to fix its roots in developing countries so the whole world is demanding AI ML Data Science related experts. It is purposefully spreaded that AI ML will be ultimate career options for the future. It is true that Industry 4.0 is going to revolutionize the world. But it is very cruel to make a business model to trap kinds and their parents in the name of coding genius. After any industrial revolution, there was an upheaval in the society. It has some advantages and disadvantages. The branches of art, commerce and science have once been very influential for many generations. Therefore, in accordance with Industry 4.0, appropriate changes have been made in our national education policy. They are certainly welcome. But it is not right to force children to learn coding. There are so many demerits of such enforcement.

The two branches of mathematics (Pure and applied) and science will reach the grassroot level to build qualified professionals. The main focus of any education system to deal with right implementation of such teaching and learning strategies in school education. In the current scenario only private schools offer good science and math education in schools for high costs. Government aided schools fail to nurture kids in schooling. This is the fault of our systems. It is important to create expert teachers to teach them first. It is a great tragedy of our country that our plans are very revolutionary but they fall short in implementation. In the case of kids going to acting workshops at summer vacation camps, there is a sweet misconception among parents that my kid will grow up as a very good actor, and somehow, as shown in a coding genius advertisement these days, parents think my kid will grow up and innovate remarkable things in IT and Computer field and became future Bill Gates or Steve Jobs and so on. This is ridiculous. Everything that was invented at that time was based on that situation and its necessity. The available conditions and tools were studied. Therefore, it is important to learn what tools can be used to analyze the root causes of the problems we currently have. Among those tools AI, ML Data Science related tools that can be used. AI ML filed is so vast and huge. It has been developing since decades. To understand its importance and its application to society the formal education of any field is must. A thorough study of what is available before that is needed. If someone is working in the field of marketing, then digital marketing for business growth could be the next domain to explore and would have exponentially grown. In such cases the study of how to reach more people using these new tools having AI ML applications is good to be taught. It is necessary to study and teach how to use existing frameworks and the limitations of the same so that new innovations would happen. In order to learn some things, one has to have an innate understanding and from time to time he has to come to it. Only then will people take advantage of the opportunities available for that skill. This awareness comes to everyone. Some people do through introspection and plan for kid education. But In India blind followers run a big chunk of the market. This will ruin the future generation in the name of so called geniuses in AI ML. Give time for the intellectual growth of the children. At present it is not advisable to push kids into the rat race for coding.

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