How to use Crypto as a Paypal/Stripe alternative

If you don’t have access to Paypal, Stripe, generally a credit card or even a bank account, then there are some solutions to that problem but the best would be crypto, especially for people outside of the US, or anyone who had issues with Paypal, like account or balance freezing. Crypto is not a new solution by itself, but let me explain that a bit later. I was looking for a solution to sell my digital products, that was the first thing I wrote on google “Sell digital products” and found a “top 10 platforms for selling digital products”, and there were some platforms that I liked but they all had one thing in common, primary payment was Paypal or credit card, which also is not an issue until it comes to the payout, I don’t have a Paypal account, so i can’t use one for payouts. Now let’s talk about the solution.

I always liked crypto because its permissionless, easy to use, and if you use good ones, they are fast and cheap.

What I did was, make a platform where creators can simply upload their (digital) products, share the link with their community and get paid in crypto. Here is an example “” — If you are a creator, thats what it looks like for your customers.

My thinking behind choosing crypto, besides the reasons above, is to spread its adoption, if more people earn in crypto, they also can spend in crypto, and then those spend it and so on, so I was going into this project knowing, that the userbase of people actually using crypto for purchases sadly is not that great, but we can only change that by start using it. With crypto, someone who never would have bought your product, could buy it, no matter where from the world, that obviously helps you, but your products could also impact lives around the world. The biggest barrier is from fiat => crypto, but if you for example have BTC, you can easily swap it for Bitcoin Cash(BCH) to purchase stuff on and as a seller you can then swap BCH for whatever currency you want. Swapping nowadays is really easy “”, so we currently don’t bother too much adding more cryptos, but focus on UX.

Please check it out!



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