When The World Turns Upside Down
Erick Erickson

But if you think Hilary Clinton is a better bet, while you PUBLISH pictures of the devastation and self destruction she has caused with her calculated Terrorism — a self fulfiiling prophecy of heres which has turned the entire world against the USa and lost you allies faster than any time in history (And for all the Moral reasons, not competition, or Imperialism) — then you are just part of the process, never looking out, always looking in, American, Narcissitic and not even capable of monitoring what is happening in this World right now — some Globalist you are (NOT) and indicative really of the mentality of 99.9% of you, preaching to the rest of the World a set of values that are repulsive yet you expect to dominate the World with. The sooner the USA is kicked out the UN and UNSC the better, get back in your place until you can learn to behave like humans and not less than animals.

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