United Arab Emigrants
سلطان سعود القاسمي

You are right as well, I know so many people that have lived in the UAE and loved it, but have to travel home to be near family and friends at times of family crisis, such as Parental Illnesses and Bereavements. When they go home they are “Ex Pats” and no longer Citizens — and subject to a different set of rules to their families and causing all kinds of extra burdens on them if they have to stay for some months or years. They have to abandon their jobs and careers in the UAE, so start off in the UK back after some years as nobody, reliant on Family in a Culture that is not set up for that and has not done for decades. Likewise they are not Citizens of the UAE. So they live in a kind of Limbo. I have a friend from school who got a job in Retail in Dubai over ten years ago. She is finding it difficult to get married, to find a relationship that is right for her in the long term. Her job involves a lot of International Travel. She is now in a Relationship that looks promising with an Englishman, but he is reticent about moving to UAE due to this “Limbo” and she is finding it difficult to visit and spend time with him in the UK. So I hope and pray that finally they struggle on and get where they need to be. Not only does the UAE have to look at Citizenship for Ex Pats for it’s workers, Countries like the UK need to stop isolating it’s own Citizens and Ex Pats in the UAE with Barbaric Rules. That create Limbo. There needs to be some sort of relationship similar to that the UK has had in the EU. Not for 100% of the people, but for those that work and live in the UAE for a certain number of years and loose their rights as British Citizens.

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