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Tech Enthusiast, learner by birth. Workout with @laravel and @react and @node

I have been doing Javascript programming for last 2 months, and haven’t worked on any Laravel application in that time. And when, on this weekend, I tried installing a laravel application, I forgot how to create the virtual host file for it. Because for every application, I like to use…

Crazy situations come up when clients asks for something that you haven’t seen. But this gives us the way to learn and I like these kind of clients.

So, the requirement was to login using customer_id , password and dob as a combination in laravel.

But the magic always happens…

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

— Pablo Picaso

Well, today, I am going to talk about a package that I made for encrypting your model attributes before saving them to the database.

Requirement: “I need every field in my database to…

So, I have always been told that PHP is a single threaded language that means, bad news, we can’t do anything as a background process in PHP.

But that doesn’t stop us, they invented Queues to handle background processes, through which we can simulate like a multithreaded system.

Laravel makes it easy.

I have…

We, as a developer, would like to automate many things in our project, like sending emails, newsletter, backing up database remotely (you know how much important that is, right?).

In Laravel, we can do these automation using commands and by calling those commands in your cron.

Let’s discuss this.

Creating New Command


If you are somebody like me, that tries to make a demo out of every new technology I learn, and that too, classic blog.

So, my journey with Laravel also began by making a blog while learning the fundamentals of it.

Any CMS out there that has something like blog…

I am currently working on an open source project which is basically needing a major refactor of code, as many other developers have worked on it. …

It’s always pretty easy to just start with an example of a blog. You are showing the blogs on the front-end of your site. Let’s say, you have ‘categories’ attached to a blog and you provide a way to see all blogs having a particular category.

So you probably will…

If you have worked with laravel, then you might be aware that there are some classes or helper function which we just call in our controller or anywhere for that matter in our application, without even importing the class.

For example, you might have used view() function in laravel. …

I have been listening to podcast of Laravel where Jeffery Way talks about programming stuff and tells us many useful things. And in one of the snippet episode of Jefferey, he says(he got the numbers) that merely 10% or less of the programmers write tests for their application.

I know, I don’t. (Yet).

But in…

Vipul Basapati

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