Create an Elixir umbrella project containing a phoenix app and build a release with Distillery
Bruce Pomeroy

Is it possible to run one of the umbrella apps in a different physical machine and still have the flexibility to use the modules from other apps in the umbrella as if they are local modules?

I have a phoenix application which is monolithic now. It has Ecto associated with it and reads and writes data to mysql using the models. I have to develop a new application which has to be isolated from this monolithic application. Isolated means the application should run in a different machine altogether because of the intensive jobs that will be running on it. But this new application has to interact with the same database as the monolithic application which means essentially same models has to be re-used. Will umbrella apps help here by any chance or is there any other elegant way to accomplish this scenario of using different physical machines for different apps still re-using code from other application modules?

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