Draper Fisher Jurvetson strategically acquires NFT, builds a new NFT ecological community

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Draper Fisher Jurvetson is a venture capital firm based in California. Due to the development of blockchain technology in the past two years, a market economy system based on blockchain has gradually appeared in the world. The underlying technology of NFT has also become easier to implement in the financial sector. DFJ has now strategically acquired and restructured the NFT’s ecological community, and will continue to research and develop new technologies to improve the entire technology framework. NFT’s smart contracts will build a trust system in life, the key of which lies in the structure of the self-credit system of financial services such as banking, payment, and credit.

New Finance Token, or NFT for short, was born to empower financial intelligence to every individual. Through the analysis of big data, NFT can assist everyone to create their own super intelligent self-finance applications. Driven by individual data, NFT builds a new type of trust system that uses data and physical objects as value measures, which helps each individual to easily generate, manage and use their own “NFT” in the new finance environment. Everyone in this network can enjoy a simple, free and equal new financial life.

NFT is committed to creating a brand new intelligent new financial application in the era of digital assets. This application uses the smart contract of the blockchain as a tool and integrates big data analysis to create an “NFT self-credit agreement.” NFT can solve the problems of information asymmetry in the financial industry, insecure personal privacy, difficulty in loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, and high bad debt rates of financial institutions.

Not only confined to the field of lending, NFT uses its own advantages to help more fintechs apply in new business fields, including information system services for financial institutions, intelligent investment advisory for personal digital asset management, etc.

NFT is different from the traditional economic model, what is just a trust system based on material assets. NFT uses the blockchain technology to build a new financial system on the measurement of dual assets, data and material. It provides services such as intelligent lending, intelligent financial management, intelligent crowdfunding, intelligent travel, and intelligent investment and consultation through big data.

NFT enables everyone to intelligently manage and create more digital financial assets, and achieve continuous asset appreciation. The emergence of NFT will help the financial industry effectively improve efficiency and reduce risks. It can remove the dependence of both parties in financial activities on excessive intermediaries, improve the efficiency of financial transactions, and reduce transaction costs. This will fundamentally change the face of the future financial industry.

The application of NFT’s intelligent credit information service will use a dual value measurement system to build various credit evaluations. It can build a credit scoring model for borrowing, behavior, and technology. Based on the comprehensive evaluation and processing of personal massive information data, this can be used to build personal credit scoring models for building self-financial applications.

The credit record data generated by NFT, combined with technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts, can effectively improve the efficiency of risk pricing and risk management. Forward-looking companies will integrate NFT into their business. If financial practitioners lack an understanding of NFT technology and cannot recognize its disruptive behavior, then they will be dealt with in a very passive position in future changes.

NFT can also support a variety of credit services in the future through this immutable credit reporting system, such as travel, accommodation, reading, parties, shopping, entertainment and so on. At present, the application of blockchain technology in the financial field is only the beginning, but it has provided a huge imagination space for the future of the financial industry. NFT, it can deeply solve the disadvantages of the development of the financial field; New Golden Chain (NFT), is a pioneer in the field of blockchain big data applications.

Perhaps in the future, everyone will be inseparable from NFT, and everyone will use NFT. NFT will also increase the NFT trading market in the international trading platform in the near future. Draper Fisher Jurvetson has a wealth of investment consulting experience, and has an outstanding performance in the past investment consulting in the Internet industry. I believe that NFT, with the support of the new foundation, will definitely have a new future in the blockchain industry.

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