Protecting Patients with Pre-Existing Conditions
Dave Trott

A careful look at the bill you’ve signed on to says that we must REPEAL the ACA in order to get the protection we’ve already had in law for 7 years.

Doesn’t that seem ridiculous? Why not keep the protection we’ve had for 7 years, and work on the parts that need fixing. For example:

  • Constrain rates of increase in premiums
  • Limit the deductibles
  • Negotiate for better prescription drug price controls
  • Provide a public option to private for-profit insurance
  • Advocate for “Medicare for All”

These are some of the action items assigned to you by a consensus of 75 of your constituents in a town hall on Feb 21, 2017. They suggested more ways you, as our shared Congressman, could improve the health care system and the PPACA, without, as one of your constituents from West Bloomfield put it, “throwing out the baby with the bath water.”

Starting with repeal of something that is working to constrain costs (according to CMS) and that is actually making people healthier, even saving lives, seems terribly wrong-headed.

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