Pruning your audience to find the real signal

I just got an email this morning from someone I follow Kevin Rose.

And I wanted to shine light on the quality mantra is embodying.

In essence he does a monthly newsletter sharing cool stuff called The Journal. He made a promise early on to cut out those that weren’t reading. In doing so, he can figure out what his core audience is really in to and give them the best experience.

It’s such a great example.

This is the opening line of todays email:

Member update: We’ve lost some newsletter subscribers. We dropped from 61,823 members to 55,787. I purposely removed 6,036 people that hadn’t opened the last four newsletters.

Kevin Rose Email Journal

Kevin Rose Email Journal

^ Amazing.

Now the data he is getting and the feedback is only from those that are truly in to what he’s up to. And also it incentivises him to keep at the top of his game. He can’t just let another email slip out. It has to be up to the standard of the four — because if it’s not…