Sports & Social Media

Teams, athletes, & sports journalists need social media in the sports universe.

Social media is connecting the world more than ever before, especially in sports. Sports news is shared online within seconds after an amazing play or an upset over an undefeated team. As opposed to reading the newspaper the day after a game, or only watching the game on tv, fans around the world can follow a game through a simple twitter thread. Athletes, reporters, teams, and sports writers all utilize social media in different ways, but together keep the world engaged and up-to-date on anything and everything sports related.

While games, scores, and athlete engagement make up most of sports news on social media, reporters, writers, and journalists utilize social platforms to update the world on sports news. FOX reporter Ken Rosenthal is a prime example of a journalist who primarily follows MLB news. With almost a million twitter followers, Ken is one of the leagues prime news sources, who shares all of the latest deals, trades, hires and more through his personal twitter account. Many fans, including myself, keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest MLB news through his twitter account alone. While I’ll check other sources or baseball apps sometimes, Ken’s twitter is one of my go-to sources to gather baseball news. For example, Ken was one of the very first sources to confirm the big news that Clayton Kershaw was remaining in LA for three years.

@Ken_Rosenthal on Twitter

Social media gives fans the ability to truly connect with their favorite athletes. Rather than hearing from a player after a press conference or reading a quote from him in an article, social media allows for athletes to share direct quotes, feelings, and stories with their fans. Having an active Twitter or Instagram account gives athletes the opportunity to show who they are besides the guy with the mean curve ball. While there are obvious cons of athletes having the ability to share anything on social media, there are unbelievable pros. From building their brand, connecting with fans, or just sharing their personal life for the world to see, it’s an exciting chance for athletes to connect with their biggest fans. Brandon McCarthy, pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, is one of my favorite athletes to follow on twitter, as 200k most likely agree since they follow him too. For reasons like the tweet shown below, he is hilarious, personable, and very relatable. His tweets show off a funny personality that many don’t see when he is on the mound.

@BMcCarthy32 on Twitter

While Brandon has some entertaining tweets, the best sports account has got to be Quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, Andrew Luck’s, twitter account. Or may I refer to him as, Capt. Andrew Luck, which happens to be his twitter handle. Many athletes across the globe utilize social media to reply to fans, talk about their teammates, and share family photos, Andrew has a… different approach to say the least. One that you should follow, now! Captain Luck addresses his 350k twitter followers as “dearest mother” discussing future/prior games as if he is writing as a soldier from a civil war. Talk about showing off your personality and creatively engaging with fans. This stuff is pure entertainment, such as the tweet below discussing a loss after playing the New England Patriots. His tweets are sure to make you laugh… or question what exactly he is trying to say.

@CaptAndrewLuck on Twitter

Almost every professional, collegiate, or even high school sports team in the world has a team social media account. With large fan followings, these accounts share everything about their players, coaches, wins, losses, awards, and much more. With millions of followers on platforms such as Instagram, social media departments for sports teams make a strong effort to connect their fans with the best content that represents the team. 2018 World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox, are just one example of a sports team that uses social media to show all sides of their organization. The following two images from the Red Sox Instagram showcase the importance of family to the team, along with the importance of supporting other teams and athletes. It’s incredible what social media can do to make fans feel they are a part of so much more than simply being spectators at a game.

@RedSox on Instagram
@RedSox on Instagram

Another social platform that many sports teams utilize is YouTube. Major League Baseball has it’s own YouTube channel, with playlists that range from “Awards” to “Slow-mo Action” to “31 Days of October.” The channel has videos that show game recaps, behind the scenes with players, interviews, and “mixtapes” of some of the best plays. Since we have already talked about this years MLB Champs, I will point out there is even a 2018 World Series Mixtape highlighting the best moments of the series. Videos like these can be found throughout the channel, giving those who missed a game or want to relive a game, the ability to.

While controversy surrounds professionals on social media, there are many advantages to being online in the sports universe. As described in the article below, there are many reasons athletes should use social media. This article describes the top three.

Sports need social media. Whether its gathering breaking news from a league’s main source, reliving some of sports greatest moments, or engaging with athletes on a personal, entertaining level, social media does wonders for the world of sports. The biggest sports news can always be found on twitter, so no need to worry if you can’t get to a tv for the big game.