UNR Opens New Building

William Pennington Student Achievement Center

Today the University of Nevada opened a new building on campus with many unique features. The Pennington Student Achievement Center cost 44.5 million dollars to build and the main goal of the building is to bring students of the university together helping them succeed.

Many services and programs will be relocating to the new building including the Writing Center, Math Center, Tutoring Center, Career Studio, Advising Center, Nevada Military Support Alliance Veterans’ and Military Center, Disability Resource Center, Counseling Services and TRiO Scholars Program.

I talked to student Nicholas Brown about his thoughts on the new building opening.

“I think that the building looks great and the project was well worth it. I do a lot of my studying in the knowledge center and it can get pretty crowded there so I’ll be coming to the Achievement Center a lot more.”

The building also includes a meditation room and reflection room for students trying to relax or reflect on their lives.

University of Nevada President Johnson believes this was one of the most needed buildings at the University and it will help bring students together.

There is also a new deli located in the building called Deli NV, providing students with nearby food.

One of the main focuses of the building is to honor the graduates of the university. ASUN has created a Graduation Wall which has quote that says, “In honor of the 93,141 graduates from 1890 through 2014 and those to come.” Each year after more graduate the wall be changed to reflect the new number of graduates.