Post-Money Evaluations

What I’ve learned in two years at USV

Doing the Job

Believe in something when everyone else doesn’t.

Inception” by roessnakhan on Shapeways (a USV portfolio company) — Am I dreaming?

Only in Union Square

Being selective — doing less—keeps you focused.

My favorite picture of the USV team.
“USV in 140 characters”

The Fundraising Process

Raising money is a trade-off between valuation and control.

Building a Company

Identify emergent behavior and promote it.

Kickstarter’s team page. (Yes, another USV portfolio company.) ❤
Stats on VHX (a USV portfolio company)

Market Trends

The future is open, informal, and mobile.

Twitter announced the filing of it’s S-1… in a Tweet.

In pursuit of dopeness. //

In pursuit of dopeness. //