Bitwinner: Let’s Make A Difference

Bitwinner is a decentralized platform that enables an individual to execute a peer-to-peer transaction. Hence, it is “the advanced digital money for the business winners” in the crypto world. The primary aim of the firm is to fend off the unauthorized entity and incite the secure and trusted cryptocurrency platform.

The concept of the Bitwinner is extremely new and exciting. Hence, it is embracing the implementation of cryptocurrency in a very modern way. Many keen investors and traders trusted that Bitwinner will impact and increase the potential of the market progressively. Therefore, in order to achieve those 
impacts, Bitwinner has made a lot of key alteration and coordination at every stage.

Bitwinner emerged with a bright ambition in order to ensure cryptocurrency transaction as a simple and effortless process, powered by the blockchain technology based on high autonomy, efficiency, and safety.

The creation of the advanced cryptocurrency is a wonderful stepping stone to reach with big players of the stream and receive good response from them about the business structure and the future plans of expansion.

Because of its organic promotions and approach a mass of audience all over the world actively participated in the Bitwinner ICO. According to analytics, the number of Bitwinner users has increased up to 67% compared to the analysis report released during the launch of the ICO. Hence, registered users are already experiencing the amazing features and reverting with 
positive feedbacks.

Bitwinner Exchanger

Bitwinner exchanger is under security test and will be launched shortly in the month of January 2018.

Bitwinner Earning Programs

Bitwinner platform is emerging with noteworthy earning programs such as Lending, Staking and Bounty. The users can be able to convert their entire USD to BWC Coin after the launching of internal exchange. Bitwinner referral programs allow an individual to earn extra income- 5 tokens for every 2 referrals.

Bitwinner ICO is successfully ended on 31st December 2017 and positioned as one of the leading ICO among several crypto ICOs in the cryptocurrency market.

This is just beginning of the development of the great ecosystem. A team of experts has initiated to work on the development of this open-source blockchain. As we mentioned earlier, our platform will be transparent, reliable, adaptable and interoperable without negotiating on any aspects.


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