The Unknown

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Dear sir,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. You may be surprised to hear from me, as you have both doubted and raged against my existence. I can assure you, I am very real. Whether or not you choose to accept me, is another matter. And of course that is the subject of my correspondence. I would make small talk and ask you about the weather, except I know you have not noticed it for quite some time. One must look up to see the sun. Knowing your attention is thus limited, I will be brief.

My resources tell me that you are the type of person that is intimately accustomed with strategies. You are something of a planner; is that correct? From what I understand, most of your schemes are not related to the acquisition of wealth or material goods. You are after something far more precious. Your prize is security. There is no use dodging it, my people have been watching you for quite some time. You chase a secured future, a lucid present, a sorted out past. No hiccups allowed in you life! No interruptions to your master calendar! I can empathize with your ambitions, because I know how out of control I am, which is troublesome for many people. I often receive insults related to my unpredictable nature. I am no stranger to death threats. Still, the truth urges me to write. It is troubling to witness your anxiety and sleepless nights, all on my account! So instead of continuing on your present course, let me offer some alternative solutions.

First, admit that I exist. No one has ever benefitted from having their head in the sand. No one I know has been better off for igoring me. Call me an extroverted personality, but I like to get to know people, spend time with them. My writing to you is proof of this.

Second, please let’s not fight. This is what most people do once we are formally introduced, butI would hate to see you waste your energy on me, when I cannot be beaten. I have yet to be victimized, and the strongest men cannot call me their equal. (There are different kinds of strength).You will enjoy your vacations more and laugh with greater depthif you weren’t so exhausted from wrestling.

Third, know that I am neither for you or against you. I am decidedly neutral in almost all of my relationships. Many people, after having been bested by me, try to become my ally, try to build a sense of camraderie. They invite me over for dinner, text me when they have extra tickets to the game, that sort of thing. I feel it is most helpful to be honest and let you know, I cannot be bought or befriended, as a general rule. There has ever only been one person who has won me over as a friend. Believe me when I say, that was a rare occurence that has yet to be repeated.

That is all I have for you. In summary, don’t doubt me, don’t fight me, and don’t befriend me. Just believe, accept, and surrender. You might think this is an impossibility! You wouldn’t be the first to draw this conclusion.

If you are feeling helpless, my only reccomendation is to talk to my friend (the one I just mentioned). He is really something else. I am not sure how it happens, but whenever he sits somebody down and counsels them about dealing with me, they become less violent, less worried, less paranoid. Less ignorant, even. Something about sitting down with somebody and looking them straight in the eyes, and having a conversation. It never worked for me, but it does for him. You can always tell when somebody cares for you, I guess. I don’t care much for anybody, but he seems to. Strangely that is a comfort to alot of people. I don’t quite understand it. Still, the death threats have begun to dwindle.

Sleep sweetly tonight. You will hear from me again, I am sure.


The Unknown

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