How to Find Targeted Customers |The 8 Things You Must Learn

If you do not know how to find Targeted Customers, you are simply fishing without a pole.

It is nice to say you are going fishing, but without the right tools ….you are on the sidelines whilst everyone else is hauling in fish after fish

Take Ted here, over the years we learned how to fish for Musky, very elusive fish, but a real challenge to competitive folks like us.

(Don’t be concerned for the Fish, we always catch and release…If we want a Wall Trophy, we take a picture, measurements and get a replica made)

At the start we were real amateurs…. thought we could apply the same principals to Musky that we use for Bass…. BIG MISTAKE.

Not realizing that These Leviathans hang out in different places, attracted to different baits and their ideal feeding times are different than most other fish.

Tactics to catch these beasts are also a lot different than anything else we had fished for.

Much is the same when you are trying to get in front of a Targeted Customer.

You need to develop a deep understanding of who and what they are and why they are driven to react the way they do.

Just like when learning how to catch Musky we needed to Profile that fish. Just to find the right situations we needed that would give us the best chances of hauling one in.

But then we learned that we could create those situations.

As goes with Musky Fishing, so goes with Potential Customers. You need to create a Profile , or Avatar, and use that information to create strategy that will help in making a Sale.

A profile of a customer is simply just a character study, you basically make it up, then from that study you can then fill in the habits of that Avatar, giving you precious information to “Chum” the waters (Your Content) create “Bait” (Your Lead Magnet) that will attract the targeted Profile to Bite your “Hook” (Your Solution) and reel them in as a Customer.

Let’s go through the Process I use.

Let’s say for example I want to target Males, in their lat 30’s 2 teenage kids, a dog , drives a mini van and wife works part time. They also have some post secondary education, and enjoy music, camping and Motorcycle racing. They have a mid management level job and save a little bit of money each month.

That is a picture of someone I want to sell to. I totally made it up. I will even name him Harold.

I always tell my students that they should be able to walk down the street and point out all the Harold’s.

Harold is now your Musky…. That elusive prize you seek.

I would like to introduce you to Harold…

My Customer Harold

Now to discover the habits and thoughts of Harold.

By Discovering these Habits you can then create Marketing Strategies and Tactics you will need to “Reel Harold In”.

These are the 8 Habits you will need to Understand in order to create a Marketing Strategy

  1. Where does Harold Hang Out?
  2. What frustrates Harold?
  3. What are Harold’s Concerns right now ?
  4. What are Harold’s Concerns in the future ?
  5. Where does Harold Get News Information ?
  6. What are Harold’s Pain Points ?
  7. What are Harold’s Long Term Goals ?
  8. What are Harold’s Short term Goals ?

Just like our Musky, The More information I have , The more I will understand the behavior patterns and use those patterns to create Content, a suitable Lead Magnet, and a Solution that will Entice, Create Interest and eventually turn Harold into a Customer.

The Content is the “Chum” that will attract Harold

The “Bait” is the Lead Magnet I will use to get Harold to bite the Hook

The ‘Hook” is the Solution (my Offer) to Harold’s Problem(s)

Can You see that with this knowledge you will be able to:

  1. Create content (Chumming the Waters) for Harold,
  2. Decide what format that content will take, such that that Harold will digest that content easily.
  3. Where to present that Content
  4. Best time to present Content
  5. When to present a Lead Magnet (Presenting the Bait)
  6. Acquire Harold’s Contact Information (setting the Hook)
  7. Types of Follow up Harold will respond to (Reeling in)
  8. Harold Makes a Purchase (Safe Netting and Landing)

By creating a full customer profile with characteristics, and habits, the job of creating a content funnel becomes that much easier.

If you would like a .pdf Customer Profile / Avatar worksheet that you can print out and fill in for each profile you need to create

Click Here and I will Send you a Customer Profile Worksheet Package

right away.

You will find that your offer / product / service can be marketed to many different Profiles.

But, it is always best to start off with one, get the strategies for that profile down to a science, then add more Customer Profiles.

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