On Net Promoter and Data Golems
Matt LeMay

Thanks for sharing Matt.

I have had several situations in my career that taught me about how qualified recommendations were much more valuable than the overwhelmingly enthusiastic ones. They are more honest, heartfelt, and carry much greater weight with the recipient than the unqualified and enthusiastic recommendation.

Unqualified enthusiasm should trigger a suspicious response of “What am I not hearing from them? What are they keeping from me?” that puts anyone on guard, especially in a situation where reputation or money is on the line.

Also, both the positive and negative criticism you receive from a “passive” responder will prove more valuable to future growth. The worst feedback you can receive from a customer is “Don’t change a thing. You’re perfect.”

Standing still is actually the path towards decay and death in a market where everyone else evolves. That customer may be fully satisfied with your solution today. Without critical feedback and direction on what other problems you can solve for them, the path is being set towards an eventual breakup.

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